Decision Matrix proof-of-concept

This proof-of-concept is the product of a thought experiment on how we decide between alternatives when making decisions. The tool enables the creation of a basic decision matrix, while supporting basic prioritization and qualifiers for uncertainty. The design was inspired by tools such as the Pugh Decision Matrix.

This tool was built using HTML, Javascript, and jQuery. The code is riddled with poor logic and inefficiencies, but it mostly works.

Check it out on Github

There is also an accompanying writeup on Medium:
“Decide Better with a Decision Matrix.”

Shadowbox Prototyping: A Method for Live Interface Enactments

This is a brief writeup on a recent publication for “shadowbox prototyping” – a method my team and I used to convey interaction prototypes with remote clients. The work was presented at the Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference in March. From the abstract:

“Working with a remote client to develop interaction design concepts, we found ourselves in need of a quick‐and‐dirty way to share half‐formed design ideas. Using a document camera, a telepresence application capable of sharing images and audio, and a reconfigurable paper prototype, we devised a method we called “shadowbox prototyping” to approximate an interactive onscreen experience with a remote collaborator, while allowing us to quickly iterate through interface ideas in real‐time.”

To read more, visit the full writeup.