Is Sketch best?


Given the current fanfare for Bohemian Coding’s Sketch, I can’t help but share my thoughts.

Yes, Sketch is optimized for vector work and lacks the bloat that Photoshop does. But what about Illustrator and InDesign? These tools have been around for years, work with vector, and provide a more advanced toolset for digital designers, including robust typography, type variables, capability for “infinite” artboards, document linking and embedding, liquid layout, symbol libraries – and without a single plugin! Not to mention cross-compatibility with other (Mac and PC) Adobe products and the support of the vibrant and long-lived Adobe community.

I’m glad that Sketch is on the scene – it’s a very approachable and simple tool for beginners – but I’d urge any serious designer (UX, visual, or otherwise) to spend a little time with InDesign and Illustrator before jumping on the Sketch party train.

Disagree or think I’m missing something? Let me hear about it.

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