Stop motion photography for prototyping

During a recent practice lunch event, a colleague of mine and I recently explored stop motion as a prototyping method.

Like paper prototyping and other low-fidelity methods, stop motion photography relies on widely available skills and materials. WIth applications like iMotion HD (free on the App Store), there are no technical setups to get started, and creating a movie is incredibly quick as a result. Real-time video rules don’t apply because of the choppy character of the film, making the entire process much more forgiving. It’s no problem to add and remove scenes and distort time and physical setups to one’s will.

As computing becomes more physical, tangible interfaces are particularly well-suited to be prototyped using stop motion. Similarly, interface transitions that mimic physical movement (e.g., the paper-like folding menu in Deal In) can also easily be explored and faked using physical objects.

I’ve not yet made use of this technique for UI design – this was more of an exploratory exercise – but I’m looking forward to giving it a shot when the next opportunity arises.

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